I have always enjoyed writing and dreamed of being published for as long as I can remember. Believing I can actually do it...well, that is a daily struggle. I have to beat back that voice that tells me I'm wasting my time, I'm no good,etc.

WHEN, not if, I get published, I plan on telling that voice to kiss my white, published A**!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Discovering the world...

My little Maddi-bug really SEES everything around her. She notices the trees, flowers, and people we pass. She smiles, she waves, she laughs and giggles. The world is brand-new to her. Were we all like that once? I suppose we were, before we became used to the clouds floating by, the colors of the sunset, the flowers.

I love watching her face as she marvels at the world around her. Everything is beautiful and amazing to her right now.

I only wish she could hold onto that feeling forever.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Who I Am...

I am a mother. This fact brings me the happiest moments, makes me smile at my lowest points, and keeps me putting one tired foot in front of the other.

My daughters are my world. They bring me hope in the furture, laughter at the darkest times, pride in every breath they take, meaning to my very existence, and a closer relationship to God.

I am a mother. They are my daughters. That is enough to get me through.